Outlook Alternatives

I’ve always been on the look out for an email client that would replace Outlook in an exchange enviroment. Has anyone found an open source client that is a ‘good’ replacement?

I tried searching for this topic but did not come across any on the forum. If I missed it, just link me over.

If you stuck with using Exchange then your pretty much stuck with Outlook. I am not aware of anything that makes Exchange any better other than not using it.


I assume this is a windows environment?

I know windows has a built-in mail client that can be used to connect to an exchange server.

Thunderbird is pretty comparable if you install the right addons.

If you have linux in your environment Evolution has everything ready for exchange.

Amen on nit using exchange. Had an a round with it back in '07 and have refused to deal with it since.

You are correct in assuming this is a windows enviroment. I have honestly never tried the built in “Mail” app by windows. I tend to stay away from most windows apps. First thing i run is a de-crap script on new units.

I just tried the Mail app and i’m both impressed and annoyed already. Windows now constantly asking if I was trying to add an email account to windows. On the plus side the mail app wouldn’t sync due to my machine not meeting the required security settings.

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The Outlook web app?

Seriously, saying you’re going to use Exchange without Outlook is like saying you want to play baseball but you’d rather use a tennis racket than a bat. Yeah, you might hit the ball, but that’s not the right tool for the job. With a third-party email client, you will probably lose calendar, contacts, and tasks syncing for Exchange, as well as 2FA, and the list goes on.

I actually don’t hate Outlook + Exchange Online from 365, and I am a Linux +GSuite user at home.
If we’re talking hosted Exchange or shudder on-prem, drop that ASAP.

Why don’t you want Outlook? Licensing?

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I’m sure we will never move away from Outlook, users are to fixed on it. I like the baseball analogy!

the options are more for personal reasons. I enjoy using open source software and LibreOffice is great, but then I would have to find a suitable alternative to Outlook.

One thing i didn’t mention is that we also use encrypted emails through outlook so that adds even more complexity. Outlook is just one of the tools we “must” have.

I have tried the other options out there like Thunderbird and evolution but I find there was always that 1 thing that didn’t work quiet right.

The exchanges later than 2013 all have a built in web e-mail. That web e-mail works well without having outlook involved. Https:///owa will get you to it. Just log in with your profile \userid and your password should work.

I might take a bit getting used to where everything is, but it is all there.