Outdoor WiFI bridge that plays nice with Nest?

My wireless networking knowledge is near zero outside of the Ubiquiti setup I have at home.

A relative of mine has a Google Nest mesh setup and struggles to push enough data to his outdoor television. Is there an good outdoor option to bridge off the nest network? We would be able to run cable to whatever.

Moving off of Nest mesh is probably not an option unless there really is no good choice. Not a money issue, more of a comfortable with what’s in now issue.

Anything Mesh is not going to be as good as wired links back to the router / “proper” switching.

“best” option would be to run a cable to the TV and plug it in…

A single unifi AP bolted to the outside wall with a cable back to the router / cablemodem will probably do the job. You might want to make sure that the channels are not overlapping though to get the best out of it. Ironically a UAP Mesh (UAP-AC-M) would probably be the one to look at as they are specifically rated for outdoor use.

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Its for an outdoor firepit TV, would be awful to run. But we can do a run to outside with a cable. I’ll check it out.