OTA TV & Network

Hi, I’m looking for help because I could find the information anywhere (maybe I’m doing my research wrong). I’ll try to keep this short but I need to “setup the scene” first.

I live in Italy and we still use a lot OTA TV with some free channels from different companies. The most recent standard is DVB-T2.
I live in a flat and the common antenna is not working properly and nobody seems interested in fixing the problem, so more than half of the channels ends up just in a black screen.
Each company on their website give us the opportunity to want live tv for free as if I’m looking at the TVs, but every company has its own website which is unconvincing and they are not directly accessible via the TVs (they work fine with any other device I.e phone tablet or pc) I would like to build a server that is able to bring those live TV broadcast which are free to watch and that are already online and make them available to all my devices in my LAN network……is it possible?

Look for a DVB-T2 streaming tuner. You might need to connect your own antenna to bypass the common antenna, but it allows you to stream TV to all your devices and connect up to a NAS based DVR to record channels. The added bonus is it doesn’t consume any of your broadband connection for local recording/viewing.

I use a SiliconDust US based model for streaming TV to my devices, both locally and remotely.
DVB-T2 based model.

I wanted to remove from the equation the antenna part…I saw the hdhomerun in first place but no matter where I search for it’s not available. I’m also not interested in recording tv…. I liked the ability to integrate with Plex though.
There might be a way to grab a stream that is already online and it’s free to watch, no?

You might be better off asking that question on a Plex, mythTV, or other related forum