OS for Podman containers?

This is going to be one of those questions that has a million answers, and all are correct.

I’m needing to set up a VM (XCP-NG) for Podman containers (Docker), and I’m wondering which OS is going to be the one I use. Alpine Linux has been suggested because it is very lightweight, I have some experience with Debian, and some experience with CentOS 7/8. I’m not an expert with any of them and kind of hunt and peck my way through things as I learn.

I’m also considering Rocky Linux since CentOS Stream isn’t really what I want.

I’m leaning towards Debian as I have some other stuff running similar (XO, RasPi 4, DevTerm a06, etc.) and probably with either XFCE or Gnome desktop because I have some other desktop type things I want to do. This may or may not be a production server, not sure exactly what work I’m going to give it yet.

I want to run Podman for containers, and hopefully get the NDI tools working. There will probably be a few other things that may or may not run in a Pod.

What do you suggest and why do you suggest it?