OPNsense PFsense multiwan

HI Tom

I am a network engineer and a linux home labber
I Wanted to have Multiwan on same wan subnet without using the policy based routing, as my nextcloud instance is hosted behind cloudflare using dynamic dns. I dont see an option to point default route to Group

and BTW i am using opnsense

Maheshram G

I don’t use OPNsense but here is how that works in pfsense

Yes I have seen this video, that explains 2 ISP on 2 different interfaces, I have Dual NIC tiny PC 1 for wan and other 1 for LAN, I have connected 2 ISP Modems on same network with 2 different Gateway.
I am able monitor tgateway and group them, however I don’t want use the policy based routing, that would not failover my inbound connections from the internet, which i am using it with Dynamic DNS now.

Look at this post for pfsense, you create a router group