OpenVPN Server in PfSense Behind a NAT

Hello, I need a guide or any tech information on how to configure an OpenVPN server on pfSense that resides behind another router.

We are a cultural association in a shared office with other associations and all the offices have one symmetric fiber connection with a simple router without a firewall (we can’t touch anything on this device because is managed by the town that owns the building). Each association has a range of addresses (192.168.x.0/24) DMZ.
We want to install our existing pfSense router and still be able to use the OpenVPN server to access our internal server.
pfSense configuration is not an issue, but how to configure the OpenVPN server?

Any help is kindly appreciated.

You need them to forward a port to your pfsense to get that working.

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And once that port is forwarded, it should work fine. My firewall is behind a NAT and no problems with the openVPN from home.

I am using a nonstandard port for this too, helps keep some of the clueless kids from knocking on the door. But in reality the ports were already forwarded so I just hopped on one that I wasn’t using anymore. I may have had to allow a rule in Suricata as well, Emerging Threats tends to flag all sorts of stuff on nonstandard ports.

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