OpenVPN Server Deployment Video

Hey Tom,

Saw this today and had a couple questions. As I haven’t used Digital Ocean, and seeing the potential for this as a very good solution for getting around the standard vpn providers blocklist on Netflix, Amazon, etc. on the cheap, I thought I’d inquire.

As it’s a standard openvpn profile, I would imagine adding it as a Client in pfSense shouldn’t be an issue, however, how well would it deal with the gateway pinging and overall connection speed with a single cpu? I can’t imagine for $5 a month, they would give the connection without a rate limit on it at least.

I can almost see my vpn caveats disappearing…

I did not do any extensive testing as VPN’s are always going to slow things down a bit. And while OpenVPN is CPU intensive, modern processors have AES-NI so it’s not a problem for the Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz
that Digital Ocean provides.

Video for reference

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