OpenVPN routing windows to access lan on client side of windows

Hey guys,

I have multiple OpenVPN servers for each customer running on PFSense so they have their own network for there devices. The PFSense is running on Vultr server instance. I have HMI/SCADA software running on windows panel type PCs acting as a web server I use a reverse proxy to point DNS down the VPN tunnel to access the web server, this works well and has no issues. If I connect to one of these OpenVPN servers from my Laptop to access the PLC on the lan I can’t get to the lan behind the windows 10 panel PC. I have tried turning off the windows firewall and followed a lot of guides, have IP forwarding enabled on windows and still no luck. Out of interest, I tried it on a raspberry pi and I was able to access everything on the lan, so it is something windows is stopping but I can’t figure it out and have spent weeks trying to get it to work. I have tried adding all the remote networks in the OpenVpn config etc whether there is some settings I am missing in PFSense or OpenVPN.