OpenVPN pihole Ubuntu server

Hi , I’m planning to set up a OpenVPN server so I can extend the use of pihole outside my LAN. I’ve got it configured but I’m apprehensive I’m forwarding a port to the Ubuntu vm as I’m not sure of the security implications . Is this a risk and if so can anyone suggest any hardening techniques to make it less hackable

Given enterprises implement OpenVPN I’d say it’s as good as you can get at the moment, if it’s configured correctly I doubt it can be easily breached. The problem with setting up OpenVPN on Ubuntu server is that it’s all command line, so you really need to know what you are doing before you do it.

I’ve got it setup as of right now. Used the roadman installer mentioned on the Pihole website ? I’m just concerned on how to protect it once I forward port 1194 to it ? Is the machine exposed or is it just the OpenVPN service that’s vulnerable. Port forwarding and it’s security implications is something I don’t completely grasp