OpenVPN on port 443 with PF sense through a huawei firewall and ISP

Hi guys,
I’m a upcoming System Admin with no official I.C.T schooling. I youtube/google a lot. I need to create a VPN-Connection with PF sense which is a subdomain of a huawei firewall(domain). The guys running the huawei firewall are very carefull and they locked every port on their end except port 443. Anybody have a solution on how to create a VPN connection through another Firewall and how to accomplisch that with only port 443.


Can you clarify what the goal is?

I know a Cisco ASA setup with SSL VPN does this. I buy those used all the time for around $200. It looks like OpenVPN has a client access server too that listens on 443. I’m sure you can manually configure OpenVPN running on a pfSense to use port 443 as well (default is UDP/1194), but you may have to look into opening a range of outbound ports as well.

Well Tom, I’m sorry if I am not making any sense. I might not be explaining it the right way. But I need to acces files from home through my ISP into my company’s first firewall to the pfs sense firewall I have at office. I was trying it with OpenVPN but it doesn’t work due to the fact that the company firewall only has 1 port open. And that port is the 443 port. There is no way into convincing the company guys to open any of the ports. so yeah, that’s it. I hope you understand the situation now.

Tried manual Config but still nothing. But the Cisco ASA thing could work. Might have to look into it.

You can put OpenVPN on port 443 instead of the default port.

Thanx Tom, I’ll try it.