OPENVPN connection to my router in a subnetwork

I want to connect through openvpn to a Pfsense router. The main router is at, subnet The pfsense router ip on the main network is The pfsense has a network with I am not able to do it. I m taking the normal analogy for internet vpn protocol and taking as the internet facing ip. so when i am trying to connect from an ip say then i will do tunneling to ip and service port of 1194 so that i can get to I am not able to connect. am i thinking something wrong. PLZ HELP!!!

Not clear on your goal or why you have a subnet.

I am on a shared internet with my friend who is allowing me to connect and is sharing with few more therefore cannot change anything on it. So I used the connection in my pfsense router wan . Now to try, i am trying to be on my friends router with my laptop and connect to my pfsense network. Technically i should be able to easily do it if i m nt doing anything wrong