OpenVPN Config Query

Hi All

Ok my set up is as above, my goal is to get from Server C to Server B via OpenVPN on my remote device.

Some background: I have setup OpenVPN Remote Access Servers (RAS) at both sites along with their clients, this essentially acts as a site-to-site VPN but with two tunnels instead of one. It’s by design, in the event one server goes down the other is still up. This works fine all traffic flows as intended.

Now I have setup a second RAS server C at Site A which is used by remote users to access Site A. This works as intended, no issues. If I uncheck the option on the OpenVPN Server configuration page in pfSense for
“Redirect IPv4 Gateway” “Force all client-generated IPv4 traffic through the tunnel” the “IPv4 Local network(s)” is exposed. Here I can enter my remote network, which now allows me to access Site B.

However I want to route all traffic on my device via the VPN, which hides the local network option.

So my question is how to make the entry in the Advanced Configuration > Custom options part of the OpenVPN server configuration on pfSense, I thought if I add - push “route” - it would work, it did not.