OpenVPN Client - pFsense

Hello guys,

Does anyone how to configured if it possible in OpenVPN Client.

Scenario. All IP I give is Example only


OpenVPN Client
WAN Protocol = UDP4 | Server:

Computer in Home
Public IP =

All configuration in OpenVPN is okay I been setup all for Cryptographic, Tunnel Settings and NAT Outbound and it’s Working fine and connected to the OpenVPN Client.

The problem is when I’m connected to OpenVPN Client still the IP showing in my computer is, it is possible to be the WAN IP of pFSense?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

In the OpenVPN server you need to set “Redirect IPv4 Gateway” which means send client traffic over to and out of the pfsense.

I have a video on how to do the opposite but I discuss both

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