OpenVPN client can access most services but not HTTP and HTTPS

Dear fellow forum members,

My ISP is behind a carrier-grade NAT. My solution was to have a VPS with a public IP, set up an OpenVPN tunnel to my Untangle Server, and been able to publish services to the cloud (PLEX, NAS Services, VPN, etc). The VPS is the server and the untangle is the client. I connect to the VPS via the VPN Tunnel app on Untangle.

After setting NAT, firewall, and server setup on the VPS server…. I was able to route services from the cloud and the OpenVPN to the VPS and the Untangle Internal interface. Published some ports without issue.
So far…. So good.

Here is the twist: I wanted to publish the OpenVPN Server on Untangle thru the VPN Tunnel, thru the VPS and I succeeded. When connected, I can remotely access most of my services on my network except HTTP that requires authentication and HTTPS.

Meaning, I can ping all devices at 192.168.. on the internal NIC of the Untangle, access SMB shares on my NAS and another Linux Server, and open (non-authenticated pages) HTTP Services. I can even access the untangle and my Unraid server front/welcome page. However, when I enter the username and password, the page moves forward as acknowledging the credentials and it does not progress until it times out. It happens on all pages that requires authentication.

What information may be required to post here to help me diagnose this culprit?



Not an issue I have encountered, my guess would be something in their authentication system stopping external IP’s get getting the authentication or maybe your browser stopping it.