OpenVPN blocking my LAN traffic

Thanks @LTS_Tom for the great videos you put out!

I am trying to setup selective routing with a kill switch on my pfsense. As I thought things were great My LAN traffic stopped going out to the WAN I can traverse internally. I have a few vlans and everything seems to be working correctly. The whole time I was setting up this vpn routing I was doing this for a test vlan that I use for all sorts of stuff it only has access to the internet I didn’t even touch LAN. Things seemed to break between me creating the oubound route with alias for that network and when I started creating the floating rule with kill switch. I deleted all rules, aliases outbound nats etc. but when I just create a openvpn client and it connects successfully, I loose internet on my LAN. I deleted everything I believe, I even recreated the vpn client from scratch but the same happens. Where can I look to se what is going on, I am perplexed at this point because there are no rules that should be effecting this to my knowledge. Any pointers would be great.

So I figured it out I had to check “Don’t Pull Routes” under my vpn client configuration

-Then I followed Toms video on setting up the interface/gateway and all works great now. including kill switch Thanks!