OpenVPN access Remote Site

Hi All,

I have an openvpn server that I connect to with the vpn client for Windows.
When I connect, I can access the LAN subnet just fine. However, is there a way that I can access a remote site?

The VPN I connect to is hosted in my home with a server. But I have a site-to-site VPN (also OpenVPN) connecting to a remote site with a terminal server. The idea would be for me to connect to my home site (Site A) with the openvpn client and then be able to access the remote site (Site B) to connect to the RDP Server.

I have tried a few firewall rules with no success. However, I’m relatively new to pfsense and openvpn, so please bear with me.


If I understand what you are trying to do … from your VPN client you access Site A, Site A has a Site-to-Site VPN to Site B. You then want to be able to access Site B from your VPN client.

The OpenVPN server on Site A needs to tell the VPN client of Site A how to route the traffic to Site B, I believe that you need to add a push route condition in the custom settings on the server. Though I do not know the the correct syntax.

I’d be curious to know the solution too.

You’re correct - yes that’s what I’m trying to achieve.
Anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this??

It seems it’s called a VPN chain, this site gives some pointers.

Thank you @neogrid - I appreciate that!
Does anyone know how I could possibly do this in Pfsense?
We would like to be able to VPN into Site A and be able to access all other sites from the single VPN connection - they all have an established site to site VPN in place through OpenVPN, and the client is also OpenVPN.
It doesn’t matter if it’s slow or laggy, as it’ll only be used to access RDP Servers at the remote sites.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Site A:
OpenVPN Net (Road Warrior) on Site A:
Site B:

On Site A: VPN / OpenVPN / Servers edit Road Warrior entry (normally the one with port 1194):
IPv4 Tunnel Network:
IPv4 Local network(s):,

On Site B: VPN / OPenVPN / Clients edit the Site-to-Site entry:
IPv4 Remote network(s):,

@ThomasG - it worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!

Ah ha two entries for the networks, nice.