Opensource PDF manager/repository?

I’ve been looking for years now for a PDF repository …
I have all my invoices from my business (and other accounting documents) saved in PDFs, for archiving …
Therefore I’m looking for an application (opencource/linux/webbased) to manage these PDF’s.
Before I used Evernote to store them all and to search inside these documents, but Evernote is not opensource, not self-hosted, … so I let it go …
Now I just put them in folders and let Windows index them to make them searchable, but I’m not happy with this either as I don’t have a way of tagging certain PDF’s (e.g. are certain incoming invoices already paid or not) … and also I would like to dump Windows on my desktop in favor of Linunx Mint …
Is there some opensource webbased alternative ?
I’ve googled my ass off, but I could only find extensive, complex document systems (with user permissions and signing off on bills for expenses and other stuff … way too complicated for my needs.
I just need to make the PDF’s searchable, manage them (put them into folders) and tagging them (e.g. are certain incoming invoices already paid or not)

I don’t know how to describe this any better, sorry …

any help appreciated !

It has been a while since I tested it, but OpenDocMan might be a good fit. It is web enabled and supports a lot of different document types.

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developed by Steven Lawrence … didn’t know you had a brother called Steve ! :wink:

I’ll look into it …

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Try Alfresco Community Edition it includes document management. scroll through the list it a super piece of software. Comparing Open Doc Man to Alfresco community editions Alfresco would be the winner.

… or maybe I should just use Google Drive ?

it has a good search engine for sure, but how about tagging documents “unpaid/paid” or giving them en axpiration date "to be paid before … " and maybe even create a calendar event for paying the document (making sure it’s not forgotten) ?

… are these things possible in Google Drive ?

Not sure about the tagging, but you could make a paid and unpaid folder moving the files between them based on status and linking them in the calendar would be easy.

would it ?
when opening the PDF file, is there an “add to calendar” feature ?
I know you can add an attachment to a calendar item, but thats the other way around … it would be better to create a calendar item from the document, instead of going to the calendar, creating an item and then go looking for the document again …

I snooped around in Google Drive, but I didn’t see such a possibility ?
or does this work with some plugin or somthing ?

You are correct, create the event and then attach it to the calendar.

I use mayandms for managing and indexing my pdfs.
Fulltext search /ocr is such a great feature.

You could look into something like pydio. File manager that will allow for sharing outside your organization or internally.

I use its not opensource but its really good and easy to use, plus it does not have propitiatory file system like other DMS does it uses regular windows structure.

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