OpenSource Firewall scanning tools

I have a small business client that is a chiropratic office with a small budget. They have been told they have to follow HIPAA security rules specifically they need to do monthly scans of their firewall and have that report saved. My question is there a OpenSource product that I can use to meet the requirements an allow me to do the scans and then send them reports?

What reports are they after? Is just ports open or vulnerability scan report or others?

This is up to you to validate whether it meets the needs of you and your customers, but here:

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They can not find the paperwork they were send out needing to scan the businesses firewall. Based on the research I have done it seem that they need to do port and vulnerability scanning. However, I’m not sure I did find the HIPAA Security Rule Toolkit User Guide online.

From my understanding, technically the HIPPA Security Rule doesn’t specifically require vulnerability scans. That said, it should be a part of a business compliance policy. Here’s the HIPAA Security Rule Toolkit where you can find the toolkits for Windows, RHL, and Mac.

If the business needs to do vulnerability scanning. Scanning the Firewall should not be the only device to scan. All targets within the network should also be scanned. @brwainer has provided a good open-source vulnerability scanner, OpenVAS. Here are instructions on how to install it on Ubuntu, OpenVAS Ubuntu Installation and Tutorial

Another good Vulnerability Scanner is Rapid7’s NeXpose CE. There is a paid version but the CE is free. You can read about how to install it here, Red team’s best friend Nexpose. Ideally, if you have Kali Linux most tools that you need will be available on Kali. Like, Metasploit, which is good for both scanning and testing vulnerabilities and nmap.

As far as doing port scans, just use Nmap. If you’re not too comfortable with the CLI you can download the GUI version Zenmap. I run Zenmap a lot on all my devices and against my Firewall.

Despite these tools for scanning. It is recommended that a penetration test be performed at least once per year. Also, if you are the one performing these scans. I would recommend getting OSCP Certified.

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