Opensource Document Management

Does anyone have experience with Mayan EDMS? It seems to have a lot going for it:

  • opensource - Apache License, Version 2.0
  • actively maintained - Version 3.3.11 Released February 7, 2020
  • modern software stack - Python, Django, PostgreSQL
  • self-hosted - Docker image, GNU/Linux
  • flexible storage - Supports S3

I have it running for evaluation in a lab. It has a nice feature set and so far is solid. I am considering it for a small engineering firm and would appreciate opinion of others.

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another one you may be interested in is Pydio for sharing documents outside the company that may be confidential. Free-Opensource software runs on linux. Pydio

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Thank you for the recommendation! Pydio appears to be a much more refined package with a lot more features. I will install it in my lab for evaluation and comparison in the next few days.