Open VPN via android phone

Hi all I manage got open VPN client setup on my laptop and android phone. However when my phone is connect to my VPN server hosted on pfsense I can only get my local LAN and no internet. On my laptop it doesn’t have this issue it got both LAN and internet accss. Both laptop and phone client was generated from the same user cerf and spec. Just one as window system and one as android/ios system.

Use the OpenVPN client and check the settings.

hmm… what do i need to look for. I only created 1 user account and used client export to export 1 file (x64-win) for laptop and 1 file (openvpn connect) for android phone. If the setting working for window it should work on phone correct unless there some additional setting i need to make for it to work for openvpn connect android.

Perhaps try the Android Export from pfsense
I don’t recall having any issues on my android phone.