Open VPN routing issue with pfSense

I have setup the pfsense based on Setting up PIA VPN on pfSense for your whole network and Configuring Selective Routing - YouTube video,
and I have added ip base filtering, for example goes through default dns instead of VPN (PIA), I can see the external IP correctly with IPChicken, however, somehow when I trace or ping, results are going through VPN not default gateway? How do I fix that or trouble shoot that?

If the external IP address is showing as the VPN IP address then it is working.

Sorry maybe I didn’t explain it correctly.

I got two PC’s one is and, idea is one to bypass vpn for

Within the rules, I have put a rule to bypass VPN

My dns is

So when I visit the ipchicken via, I can see its use vpn IP address, which is good.
And when I visit ipchicken via, I can see it use ISP assigned IP, that is also correct.

However, if I ping or trace from either, traffic still goes via vpn with a slow ping time (around 300ms). should it be bypass VPN and get a better ping time?
Where If I turn off the OPENVPN, then I get good ping time from both boxes around 5ms. This doesn’t make sense. Can someone pls help.

Not really sure why it’s doing that, might want to try posting in the Netgate forums

Thanks Tom, I did post it in pfsense forum but so far no help.

I hope this is just a configuration issue and easily fixed