Open source RMM

Hi all,

I’ve just seen this project and I remembered some people on here looking for an open source RMM

There’s a demo link on the page to try it out.

Bear in mind it hasn’t been audited professionally and I’d be worried about deploying it at clients personally.


Nice find @anon31769429. I need to look into an RMM in the next few wees so will add this one to my list

My original goal was to get a programmer to write a salt/icinga web UI to make it so anyone could manage it. If you learn those and write good enough procedures on deploying them via command line they’re really powerful. Wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of RMM companies out there are forking their code. It didn’t surprise me that this one you found it based on salt.

I know this post is several years old. But I am using a commerical product NinjaOne. and wanted to review TacticalRMM. Has anyone set this up and using it in production? As per the demo look, are all these things possible and easy to use? How do you host it and can you connect to hardware outside your company WAN?
Can you run it through a browser on the a cell phone?

Thank you

It was really good… In my test environment.

I did like that it has reactive automation. You can make it test for event or outcomes and then react by running scripts.

The problem is that there are a lot of red flags. Everything from the CLA to the cypto scare makes it questionable. It also seems to be exclusively developed by one person. You better hope that the single dev knows that they are doing.