Open Source or cost effective inventory software

Just wondering if anyone has come across some decent software for tracking inventory, and more importantly, rental equipment on a monthly basis.

Most of the stuff we’ve found will do everything but rental billing, which is the core component that we’re looking for.

We use Snipe-IT for inventory tracking but I guess it can’t do the rental stuff natively.


Waiting on the new V5 to try it again and see how it stands then.

Once upon a time I used phpScheduleIt for my university’s film equiment reservation system. It has since been renamed Booked, but is still open source and available on Sourceforge. One of their features is “integrated payments and credit” but we never tested or looked into that feature since it wasn’t needed for us.

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You can try odoo (openerp) :slight_smile:

Reviving a dead thread, Snipe-IT has always had my vote too. I ran it at a solar energy company for internal IT and it worked well. The time you invest in entering meaningful data will pay off.