Open Source NAC

Recently I was looking at some Extreme Networks equipment and I came across their Network Access Control services and was pretty impressed with its abilities. What I was not so impressed with was the cost and that it is tailored to their equipment. If you are an Extreme shop, this would be great.

But, having many customers, with many different types of equipment, I wanted to see if there was something on the open source side of the house that would do NAC. I came across two solutions that look very interesting and promising. Before I spend a considerable amount of time to make them work and test with different equipment, I wanted to put this out there and see if anybody had any experience with either of the two I am considering.

  1. PacketFence
  2. opennac

Both claim to be free and support multiple vendors. It also looks like both can be run as a VM.

Again if anybody has any advice or has worked with either of these, I would very much like to hear your thoughts on them.


Packet Fence Used it a few years back for a reseller specializing in POS systems (I designed networks for him). PF looks much improved I can say it works well installs easily good UI. Go with it.