Open source local MDM server for Windows?

I’m running into an issue that will only get worse as I move towards Win11 from W10, does anyone know of a decent MDM (mobile device manager) for Windows that can run on a Windows or Linux server?

There are many settings that do not appear in Group Policy Manager, but you can get to them with Intune in the cloud. The settings are handled by MDM from what I can see.

The specific thing I want to do is restrict Bluetooth to only handle the audio/headset profiles so our students can use BT headphones. Otherwise for security I want all other profiles disabled. Microsoft has information on this, but ultimately it gets back to an MDM or Intune solution.

Right now we have never had BT on our desktops, new hardware brings this option. For now I will disable it as I need to get this hardware installed as soon as the monitors arrive. Making the image in the next day or two and it’s locked until I have time to fiddle with it.