Open Source invoicing platform?

Hi I in this video talk Tom about one Open Source invoicing platform there is someone who knows which?

Yes, Tom uses Invoice Ninja, and he self-hosts it. Now, you dont have to self-host as well.
Tom has a video on Invoice Ninja, check it out.


Thanks so much :slight_smile:

InvoiceNinja has changed the game for myself. I get proposals approved way faster and get paid a lot sooner. I don’t self-host it, but I pay the $8/month for them to host it, best investment.


it is possible to host InvoiceNinja on a regular web server that you host a weorpress page on.

You should be able to host it on anything you have sudo privileges on. There are good write ups for installing is on any of the mainstream distros.

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Tom uses Invoice Ninja self hosted. You can also get it SaaS.

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We have used invoiceplane in the past, we just switched to akaunting because we needed an all in one system for accounting and invoicing. Invoice Ninja is great too as everyone has suggested.

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