Open Source File Sync: Getting Started Tutorial With Syncthing on Windows &

Commands used in Video:
apt-get install syncthing

adduser syncthing

systemctl enable syncthing@syncthing.service

systemctl start syncthing@syncthing.service

systemctl status syncthing@syncthing.service 

sudo useradd -r syncthing -m -d /home/syncthing

ssh -L 8000: root@

In local browser open up http://localhost:8000/

Does anyone know if Syncthing has a feature to download individual files when they are requested? Similar to what OneDrive/Google Drive can do. Allows you to see all those “synced” files in File Explorer (for example) but only actually downloads them when you ask for them.

Would be really handy for endpoints that don’t have much space (laptops etc)

Nope, that is not a feature that I am aware of.

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Hi Tom,

First off thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial, it’s very good :slight_smile:

I hit a problem though.

I have two Virtual Machines which I’m trying to set this up between, it’s a test/development set up.
The VM with the desktop is and the Server is Debian at …151.128
I have keyless login enabled to the server.

When I do the ssh login using the tunneling command I keep getting “channel 4: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed”
ssh -L 8000: root@

I’ve opened ports 8000 and 22000 to TCP on the server so I’m at a bit of a loss.

Have you seen this with Syncthing before?


This is an old post, and maybe you found a solution to this. You may need to edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file on the server side. Grep for AllowTcpForwarding.

See also

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Hi Tom,
Great video on Syncthing; easy to follow and set up. I’m trying to sync files between a FreeNAS server and an unRaid server. I followed your tutorial and got the FreeNAS to successfully sync with a PC. I then got the unRaid server to successfully sync with the same PC. But I couldn’t get the FreeNAS server to sync with the unRaid server. The unRaid server had an error message saying the FreeNAS server refused the connection. Any suggestions?


Whether it’s a PC or another server should not matter so not really sure.


Thanks for the reply. I got the FreeNAS and unRaid servers to connect and sync data (and with the PC for a three way sync). I think I was “trying” things too fast so the FreeNAS server kept giving me errors. I guess sometimes you have to be patient. Question: Does the user “sync” have to be the owner of the source data share? I tried to mount a share other than “SyncThingData” and I’m getting error messages about the path and folder marker.



That user has to have permission

Success!!! Thanks for the help!

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And thanks for all the great videos. :smile:

Have anyone experienced issues with Truenas and the Syncthing plugin making the system very slow/crashing the system? Sometimes I cant even access the terminal directly, it just freezes. Turning of the Syncthing plugin resolves everything.

I am syncing the data from Open media Valut with a Syncthing Docker installastion.
I have seen some mentions about turning of “Watch for changes”, and this seems to help a little bit.
I am also wondering if it could have something to do with the fact my Truenas is 79% full. I see comments about the magic 80% rule on zfs.