One-way Sync to FreeNAS?

Hello and thank you!

I’m looking for a way to one-way sync my files from local Windows drives to FreeNAS at home as they are changed.

I guess i’m looking for some features from on-the-fly syncing and simple local backup. I have a few laptops that come in and out of the house often so when at work files are “offline” then once home, the changes are detected then copied to freenas. Like a reverse Windows Sync Center.

I just signed up for iDrive but it only copies on a schedule plus it’s already backing up to cloud so I don’t want all my eggs in 1 basket.
I thought about setting local files as a read-only share, mount in Freenas to Pull them over but I don’t know what software to use, Rsync didn’t seem to do that.


I use Syncthing for that and I have videos for setting up Sycnthing on Windows, Linux and FreeNAS.

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OK thanks, I didn’t think Syncthing could do one-way only.