One unifi controler with multiple AP and USG with central location with UDM-PRO

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Im currently working on project with a lot of equipment from Unifi.
I have about 32 USG-4 port one UDM-PRO and one Cloud key GEN 2 plus.
From the client side the goal is to have on central location for managing all AP at once (SAME SSID and guest network). And re reroute all the traffic from branch office back to UDM-PRO. This part i have done i have found a thread on that on UI forums.

Basically my question is how to create one site (not multi site) that has all USG and all AP at one site but with different Subnets.

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You can’t create a site with more than one security gateway.

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Then multi site is my only option with L3 adoption to cloud key?
It is possible to do Wireless settings to be across all site the same, for example Corporate Wi-Fi, and guest wireless password/Captive portal to change if I make changes to one site.

If you have the exact same wifi settings and don’t care having a mess in your controller, you can always put each USG in a different site while putting every AP in a single site.

We have a customer with a particular high number of retail stores (more than 50) but I use different sites for each of them and the don’t have any USG (we do not deploy Unifi’s firewalls).
If I need to change a setting in every site I usually write a short php script which calls the controller API for each site.

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