One Touch Button to Upload PDF to Server

TLDR: Will being a social work an iPad with a PDF that needs to filled out (and signed) by patients, need a one touch solution that will allow this filled out and signed PDF to be uploaded to a HIPAA compliant server, or emailed.

Hello, and thanks in Advance!

I work for a medical firm, and I am currently tasked with making some of our paperwork paperless, currently consents. Here’s the current work flow,
In a nursing home setting the social worker prints out a form fills it out (usually incorrectly, or incompletely) has the patient sign it, and faxes it to us.

What I would like to do, is issue each facility a tablet with a PDF preloaded, That will allow the social worker to take to the patient, fill it out, have the patient sign it directly on the tablet, and click a button that will automatically upload it to our server, or will automatically email it with no further action required by the social worker.

There is this

Yup, I was trying to avoid those type of solutions, They just seem wayyyy to overpriced for what they do.
I mean literally, I need a simple form emailed or uploaded, It shouldn’t cost 50+ a month for that feature.

Docusign has been around forever and is trusted. You’re going to be paying for ease of use and quick setup. HIPAA Compliance is no joke, it is costly, and it is required in the Medical Field. Just be glad that iPad’s qualify as HIPAA compliant if properly setup.

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What EHR are you using? I support a few and they have that feature built in without having to make your own .pdf.

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