One (pfsense) ring to rule them all?

We are starting to roll out pfsense routers as edge routers in a number of locations. I keep seeing references and hints of a centralized management system that would allow me to do things like blacklist an IP address across all devices with a single command. Is there a video on this and I missed it? Was the product scrapped before it got off the ground? Is it out there and I just can’t find it?

Yeah you can do this with PFblockerng or just create a rule right on WAN interface to block any to said IP

Can I do it from a single interface and have it apply on a dozen different routers all over the world?

As far as I know Pfsense does not have a management suite for multiple pfsense boxes.

pfsense does not offer a central management, but you could build your own list the pfblocker pulls from.

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PaloAlto’s Minemeld which is an open source project will allow you to create your own custom lists which can be imported into pfblocker

I use it to give me a central place to update block and allow lists on many different brands of firewalls including pfsense with pfblocker as well as pi-hole.