Omada Remote Management

Hey. I watched Tom’s video on TP Link Omada. Great information. I have an Omada WAP and controller here at home for testing, and have had it for over a year with no issues.

However, do you know of a way to remotely manage devices at other sites? I know Unifi does this with the set-inform command over SSH. is that possible with omada?

I would love to deploy switches/routers/WAPs at client sites and have them all in our hosted controller.

I have tried googling but couldn’t find any documentation on this…


Yeah, I am working on some follow up videos and I have not been able to find that feature either.

Thanks Tom! I really hope that is a feature, or they bring it out in future, as I don’t think clients will all want a OC200…
Kind of renders the ‘multi-site’ option useless if this feature doesn’t exist :slight_smile:
Thanks and stay safe!

Doing some more reading and looking in their forums I found this guide. How to manage EAPs at different places across internet using Omada Controller (via NAT Port Forwarding and EAP Discovery Utility)? (New UI) | TP-Link

So while it looks like it can be done, not a well developed feature.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for this, much appreciated! Yeah I found that article before but it’s not very clear how to do it… Not sure it will discover a device over the Internet ‘just like that’… The guide doesn’t suggest how the EAP Discovery application can see the WAP at the other end without a VPN.
Also, I could be wrong but I think the EAP Discovery application is for WAPs only, not gateways and switches.

Thanks as always for your informative and interesting content and forums. It’s always appreciated by me and your other viewers.


Is this gear compatible with Omada Cloud SDN or you need different hardware for it?

I believe you need either a physical cloud controller, or you can host their controller on a server. I know TP Link planned to release their own cloud solution but don’t think it’s out yet. The current Omada Cloud isn’t a replacement, but rather a bridge. (unless that’s changed since I last looked)

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So I looked into it a bit more and understand the adoption process from the link that Tom sent, so thanks for that.
Slightly concerned by the process as it involves EAP Discovery which is a Java app which I’m hesitant to roll out to my domain laptops.

It also doesn’t address the routers and switches. I wonder if they are able to be remotely managed… I love Omada and have used it for a long time for Access Points. But the new SDN seems to be a half made product, which is a real shame as the rest of my experience has been amazing.

Just a simple SSH command to adopt all the devices would’ve been amazing… i think that’s where Unifi is winning!

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Hey @LTS_Tom, I wondered how you’ve been finding the Omada gear? I love my Omada WAP, but not yet used their security gateways or switches, and keen to know if they’re any good?
I have a pfsense firewall, but intend to use the Omada line as an affordable alternative for those clients where I just can’t convinced them to go pfsense. My current reservations are :

  • The inability to (or lack of transparency around) remotely manage switches and gateways without a cloud controller at each site.

  • The fact they’ve adopted the not-so-great Unifi flaws like not supporting multiple WAN IPs… That’s quite a deal breaker for some of my clients.

However, hopefully TP Link will be more proactive and iron those issues out…? I did email their sales team but had no response…

Really keen to know how you’re getting on with all the gear though!! Was thinking of putting one of their gateways into a Co-Lo data center so we can have a site to site between our client sites and any virtual servers they have. We had a pfsense VM before doing that but it wasn’t without issues… Thinking a hardware firewall might be better in this instance

Updated review coming tomorrow, their firewalls are bad in all the same ways that the UnFi ones are.

Can’t wait, thanks @LTS_Tom!!

Does this include the edgerouters too?

The edge routers are better than the UnFi line, but still not great.

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Awesome follow up video @LTS_Tom! Thank you for sharing that, and my initial question has now been answered. I didn’t realise you can add the controller FQDN in the Web interface of these devices for remote management. Sounds like a reasonable solution for me. So you can remotely manage gateways and WAPs, would I be right to assume you can do the same with switches?

Thanks once again! Am tempted now to buy the gateway and a switch for testing with.