Old unifi AP with new controler

I am not sure so I am asking.

I need better wifi coverage in garaze. I have UAP-AC-LR in house but signal strength in garage is just on edge. So my plan is to buy AC in-wall and connect it over cable to switch in house. Problem is that it is not available in shops, they have HD version which is 2x expensive and I dont need that in garage.

So I did look to second hand shop and find old Unifi AP 2.4GHz 300mbs unit.

Do you think it will compatible for some years? thanks

If you use an old controller version you can have both working, but it is EOL and won’t work in the latest controller. I do not know off hand how far back you need to go.

I am not finding EOL for this device and would have to assume that the UniFi controller (if that is what you are using currently) would allow to provision this AP. If you are using the Android or Apple UniFi app to manage your network, i would have to believe the same thing that it should work. Compatibility for the next few years, i would say yes but eventually the security of the device will be EOL and you may become vulnerable for devices on this device.

In the link I shared, Ubiquiti has this model under the Obsolete category, meaning they “have stopped receiving functional or security updates and are no longer officially distributed (but may still be available for purchase by some third-party vendors). They may not be supported in full or at all by future releases and will not be supported by official Ubiquiti customer support.”

This link is the only document Ubiquiti maintains, and they have decided to not use the standard “End of Sale” and “End of Life” terminology.

I do not see this in the link nor in the obsolete category.

The model number for this device is just “UAP” as it is the original model (notice it is 802.11n, and 2.4GHz-only). Here is its datasheet: https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/unifi/UniFi_AP_DS.pdf . Whether it is UAP-v1 or UAP-v2, we can’t tell from the image or original post (this matters for the firmware file as they have some different chips inside, but identical functionality and support), but either way it is covered by the “UAP (v1+v2)” under Obsolete > Unifi Access Points.

this must be one of their first AP’s then, odd there is no model :slight_smile:

Yes, this is literally the first “Unifi AP”. There is nothing older under the Unifi brand.

I run two of these at home as they fulfil my requirements. Their functionality has not been compromised despite controller updates to version 7.0.23 (Build: atag_7.0.23_17288)
Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.52.48 pm

thanks friends :slight_smile:
I did find AC PRO version for good price and it should be supported for some time from now, so going with that