Office Network Design and Planning with VLANs, LLDP, Rules, IoT, Guest using

It’s a longer video but I have been wanting to get this out there as a lot of people ask us about setting small business / home office networks.


We have a managed switch TPlink Jetstream 2600G and it’s a pain to setup the VLAN on that switch. Are all managed switch has the same concept on setting it up for VLAN ports? Thanks.

Depends on the switch, some are better than others. The one you have, does a bit, are you using all it’s functionality or was it a freebie?

I agree with Faust, it is switch dependant and in some cases it’s even model dependant.

Find one that you like and stick with it, I’ve settled on the Netgear switches, have a good enough GUI, functionality is sufficient and can handle the through put I need for a basic office LAN.

On the VLAN side you will need to set the default VLAN (untagged) and any other tagged VLAN’s then if you have a device that is not VLAN aware you can set the PVID of each port.

It’s a bit of a mind bend until you start using VLAN’s and then they finally click and you get that light bulb moment.

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That is so true, the enlightenment

Were planning to use all helpful functions of a managed switch especially VLANs because of unifi AP’s that we have…

As long as you’re planning to use more of the functions than less, than it’s worth learning the interface and working through it, especially if it’s for your own use. For basic uses, I’m like greenvolk and find Netgear decent enough.

Just plan on what your want in the end, and work at it port by port, you’ll get there. :+1:

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I’m planning to get our unifi AP’s onto their own Vlan as per this vid. Does the unii controller have to be on the same vlan? Currently the aps, the controller (a windows vm) and the office computers are on the same network, thats how I manage them.

As I stated in the video, you want the controller and AP’s to be on the “ALL” VLANs and you set the VLAN options in the AP itself.

Thanks, I’ll just have to re-watch the vid! : )