Odoo / OpenERP with Mediawiki

Hi all

I’m thinking of tieing in openERP with my Mediawiki Documentation, I think it would be a great add-on, MW is focussed more around the company and devices/equipment, Odoo/Oerp would be more around the people / users.

Anyone else using OpenERP?

What are you trying to accomplish? Installed OpenERP for a retail operation about 5 years back haven’t used it since. They have adder new features and looks to be good Open Source choice. Lots of options and modules in OODO. Before I’d say go with it more info please.

While https://www.odoo.com/ is an extensive and very complete solution, it comes down to learning curve and if it is worth it to you.

I think next to the Wiki, it’ll work for People and Comms side of it rather than actual documentation of equipment and devices, I may give it a try. See how it fits and if it flows with Mediawiki.