Odd Pfsense Issue (Virtual)

The other night prior to work I decided to place my ATT modem port to Pfsense (Virtual) to bridge/pass through mode (took snapshot prior to change) . I recently retired my Asus router in favor of Pfsense. Once I did the change Pfsense said I should reboot upon rebooting I had no internet. I troubleshoot and even completely did a factory reset for about 1. 5 hrs still intermittent issues. So at 12am I said let me just revert to snapshot… And then everything began to work which made no since to why it stopped. Could this issue be directly related to the virtual appliance? Just testing waters to see if anyone else has odd issues on the virtual appliance. If I need to go to the physical appliance I will I am questioning validity of rules now…

In addition having issues with my Port Forwarding rules. Does this seem to be wrong? !

Any errors on my end? Or do I need a physical appliance? (likely me and hoping it is)

Likely going with physical to test soon