OCZ Revodrive 3 x2 and Truenas/Freenas

I had one of these drives laying around. All my SATA ports are full on my NAS, so I thought maybe I would toss this in to look at moving my jails or possibly use it as an L2arc. It is a known working drive. I tested it to be sure. When booting the NAS, it shows up to configure. But, once in the OS the drive does not show up in the drives area. I did some googling, some places say it is supported, some say it is not. Some refer to needing to load drivers manually, but nothing on how or where to get them.

I would like to get this working, if not, not a huge deal, but would be nice.

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This is an interesting threat. Would love to see someone look into it, or maybe someone here could point out to a video. These drives although aging should be able to find a way into our servers! I still have hard drives I was using in high school, but looks like this company disappeared and so did any support on the internet. I’m always looking to give love to older aging hardware, they need loving too, lol.

It works fine in Windows and Linux. Just not TrueNAS. I kept digging around for a while. Eventually I gave up. Ended up sticking it in my main computer and use it to host VM’s. Works well enough for that. Faster than SATA, but not even close to NVMe drives.