NVR Hardware Needed - Any recommendations?

i have been using a QNAP for our nvr, and it has worked well for the last couple years. but now its time to replace it.

Synology seems to be the hardware of choice on this site. The only reason i didnt use them before was the CPU selections were not what we wanted. We used the QNAP for file sharing and cameras, as well as on line gaming servers, but that is no longer the case as the file sharing was moved to truenas a couple years ago and i gave up on the gaming.

the DVA1622 seems to be the one Tom uses on his projects, but i have an issue with the form factor - would rather have a rack mount (and the price is not an issue)

the RS422+ looks pretty good as well, and i understand it is a bit pricier and then need licenses for the extra cameras, but that aside; any recommendations? any reasons NOT to go to the rack mount version?

the cons; base cost is higher, need a few extra licenses, slightly higher electricity cost/heat

anything im missing? i need to order something by end of year (taxes :smile: )

thanks for any input/experience with this

I’d check it supports the cameras you have.

I am using the DVA1622 for home, but we usually sell the larger units for the Synology Surveillance Station projects we do for businesses.

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Tom, from what I understand only the DVA units (DVA1622, DVA3221) support the AI features (People & vehicle detection, License plate recognition, Face Recognition, etc). So it seems that Surveillance Station runs on other Synology series hardware, but will be missing the AI features. As a small MSP, I am considering selling these devices / solutions. I am guessing that deciding on which hardware to run SS depends on the use case of whether these advanced features or needed?

i was under the impression that those two ‘dedicated’ nvrs had some hw/sw difference since they advertise deep learning. but now it appears its just the same software as the others, and the only real difference is the number of ‘free’ licenses and deep learning tasks. so any of their higher power units should have the exact same features. just need to make sure there is enough memory/cores to do what i want, and now the rs822+ seems to be enough (or maybe the rs1619xs+) The problem im having now is knowing how much cpu/memory i need to do the deep learning tasks i want to do, unless there is a hard cap on them in the software. they do a nice analysis for the two dedicated machines, but i couldnt find anything for the more powerful/non dedicated ones. lets see how they respond to my inquiry.

but now i cant find anything in stock for delivery this year.

thanks for the info and the videos, very helpful

[edit] i didnt see LThibx’s post (took me too long to write this) but thats what i was afraid of - crippled software for unknown reasons. i put an inquiry into synology on this issue, will see how they respond.

I have a video where I talk about the DVA differences here:

tanks tom, missed that piece about having to use the ai cameras to duplicate the ‘deep learning’ part if you werent using one of their dedicated boxes.

i cant really swap out the current cameras now, but i think all things considered im moving forward with the rs822+ box. now just need to figure out how much drive space i need. i was figuring about 16tbx2 should give me enough space for 5 cameras at 4k for 45 days? but thats just a guess based on current usage, but might not even need that much.

again thanks for all your help. wish i would have found your channel earlier, would have saved me some headaches.

They have a calculator on their site: