NVMe performance in XCP-ng

Hello All,

I recently watched Tom’s video on his Ryzen lab here (Asrock Ryzen 9 XCP-NG Virtualization Server Build With 25GB - YouTube), and I have to say I’m a little envious of the setup and benchmark numbers.

I’m hoping to hear from Tom, because I’m curious was sort of performance he got with the local NVMe drives. I’ve had a bit of an adventure myself with a new Dell R650 server where I’m running local NVMe drives. On the dom0 level, the performance is not terribly far off a bare metal installation. However, when I test performance within a single VM, it tanks (at least relative to how NVMe drives should perform). There’s more details in my XCP-ng forum post here (Tips for improving storage performance on NVMe? | XCP-ng and XO forum).

Now the single VM performance is still nothing to sneeze at compared to old school drives or even SSDs, but when I get drives that are capable of so much more, it’s difficult to take the hit.

There are single thread per VM performance limitations you will run into when using XCP-NG. The faster singe threat performance of a CPU the faster drive speed.