NVME not detecting correctly Proxmox

Hi All,

I got a ‘server’ (more like my old gaming setup minus my GPU) that i’m currently setting up as my secondary NAS.

Hardware of server
  • Intel i7-4790k
  • B85-HD3 Mobo F2 BIOS version
  • 20GB RAM (28 and 22)
  • 2x intel ssd 480GB as boot drive
  • 1 intel ssd 480gb for truenas zfs pool
  • 4x 4Tb HDD WD RED (tought 1 is giving errors in truenas) with PCIex1 SATA controller
  • Raspberry pi (PIKVM) in PCI slot (remote access and control)
  • 1 2x1gb nic
  • 1x 4 nvme PCIE card

Now this last one is giving me issues (1x 4 nvme PCIe card) i have 4 1TB NVME drives in it to have a fast storage solution next to my 12TB HDD solution but it only detects 1 NVME drive (and yes i checked all nvme’s are working just fine)

tested it in 2 more systems but as they are all 4th gen intel that might not be a good reference if the card is working or not.

Does anyone have an idea to get the 4 NMVE drives working?
still free: PCIe x8 port (or x4 not sure about it)

Edit: the card in question is the PH44 nvme x16

No immediate ideas, but it might be helpful for others to know the model of the problematic card.

Added to the original post

I’m no PCIe wizard, but I suspect the card does not have a built-in PCIe switch and requires a motherboard that supports bifurcation.

Right, since i never heard from that or seen that in my eufi/bios i’d say its not supported on the system its currently installed.
i’ll have to make due with a max of 2 nvme’s then as i might have a x4 nvme pcie from around.

motherboard needs to support bifurcation

here is a list