Not sure if rule in pfsense is set correctly


I’m using pfsense with pfblockerng. I set geoip for europe with action deny inbound. I selected all countries except the few where i come.

But for Plex i need to whitelist two ip adressess, otherwhise they get blocked by the europe rule and cant access my plex remote.

So i made an alias with the 2 ip’s from Plex and add it to the geoip from europe under ’ Advanced Inbound Firewall Rule Settings’ (see screenshot).

Plex works now! But i’m not sure if the geoip still works for europe? Or that i have broken it and thats why plex now works haha.

So dubbelchecking if i have doing the whitelisting for only the 2 ip adresses from plex correctly.

With kind regards,

Buck Baggen

You can check the WAN rules and make sure the alias rule is above your block rule for geoIP.