Non-Azure Hosted Windows Server

Hey all,

What would be the best way to connect a local network to a single cloud instance? I know Microsoft Azure has a connector and such. But, self-hosting, what would be a good way to do this?

Local network has a windows 10 computer, might try adding a second. They are currently on an old server 2008 r8. We are getting rid of that. But, it does active directory, file sharing, and printer management.

New server in the cloud will have Server 2022, want to keep the same privileges. Any suggestions? Microsoft training and support all say, just go with a Microsoft Azure VM and use the connector. I’d rather not.

When you say connector, I’ll assume you are referring to Azure AD Connect, right?

If you don’t want to use that, you could just set up a VPN connection between your environments and build it out that way. From my experience this tends to be the go-to for new cloud integrations for smaller companies.

Maybe an overlay network like Tailscale is a good solution?