No reinstall Package Button

Hi everyone,
I had to install pfsense on one of my PCs because of HD failure. I installed a new HD and then pfsense 2.4.5. (I had v.2.4.4 before).
I restored the last backup file I had saved 3/4 days ago (a v 2.4.4 backup file though).
I also had some problems when I first ran pfsense because of DNS settings, so he couldn’t update and reinstall my packages.
So, I went to backup and restore to force it to update through the “Reinstall Package” button, but I can’t see it now!

How comes?

Try installing 2.4.4 restore your backup, upgrade to 2.4.5.

Where can I get the v 2.4.4 - memstick?
I don’t see it on the psense download webpage, and I don’t have the old file anymore

what? source code???

It’s the only option I am aware of that comes from Netgate. Maybe install 2.4.5 from scratch and manually reconfigure?

I’m going to install every package manually from scratch hoping that any setup will be kept as it was.

Looks like it’s Netgate’s policy to remove old versions, best to keep copies of the old versions if you ever need to roll back. Seems difficult to then follow their upgrade guidance but ho hum.