Nintendo Switch NAT Traversal error

My kid has a Nintendo Switch. After I set up the pfsense router at my home we get an error saying “The NAT Traversal process may have failed”. I’m sure this probably has something to do with firewall rules that the pfsense is trying to protect the network in some way. Is there a secure way to set up the Nintendo Switch? My kid is telling me he is basically unable to game with other people. I’m not a gamer so I’m not too familiar with why it’s having this type of issue. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I also read somewhere online to check the “NAT Type”. There is a test feature on the Nintendo Switch that comes up with a NAT Type and mine shows “D”. From an article I read it says Type A or B is good and anything else is poor. I’m not sure what these different types are and if I have any control over them.

The most secure way is to put the nintendo on its own VLAN or an IoT vlan and let the device straight out to the internet.

As for the NAT type you would have to setup the UPnP service on pfsense to allow all the required ports inbound to your nintendo switch. And also set the nintendo switch to a static lease so the IP wont change on it. FWIW my kid also has a D rating and plays games just fine.

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