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Anyone notice NinjaOne backup is slow? I setup Hybrid backups and the local backup to the NAS seemed like a normal speed. But they are dreadfully slow now that they are uploading the data to the cloud. I have 1 server that is stuck at 1% all night. I opened a ticket with Ninja.
I really like Ninja but Solarwinds backup was better.

So far it seems like it’s because I performed hybrid backups (cloud/local).
I’ve been testing cloud backups for a couple of weeks and they all ran quite well. I’ll find out tomorrow hopefully.

OK I’m editing this post:

Ninja Backups are failing. It appears to be affecting my Hyper-V Servers.
Support is looking at it.
Solarwinds backup worked great, I just wish their billing department wasn’t so awful.
At this point I may just buy Synology NASs for all my Hyper-V server customers and use Hyper Backup or just use Synology Active Backup for Business.
Other than that Ninja has been a great RMM tool, much better than Solarwinds/N-able.

Update (If anyone cares)
My backups are all working smoothly, except 1.
The Ninja team has been working with me to get things resolved. I am very impressed with their support. I think our meetings have been mutually beneficial.
Some backups appeared stuck for days but were actually progressing. The initial backups were taking an extremely long time but once completed the incremental backups have been working great. I just have 1 VM that was getting stuck but is now just failing. I’m sure we’ll get it sorted out.
Other than that, Ninja is excellent so far.

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Problem solved!

01/26/2022 - NinjaOne Update:

Yesterday at 19:50
This update was deployed to all instances and includes the following:

  • Resolved an issue causing Ninja Backup to fail to back up PST files in some cases
  • Resolved an issue where maintenance mode could not be enabled on devices
  • Resolved an issue causing Ninja Backup image plans not to run in some cases
    …along with other performance enhancements.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one experiencing these backup failures. Last nights update solved the backup issues I was experiencing. While I’m not happy that backups were failing across various companies for a month, I am very impressed by Ninja’s support team and my account manager.
Thank you Ninja!

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Hi ! Thanks for all of these posts. It’s good to know their support is hard at work when those issues arise :slightly_smiling_face:

I am currently trying to choose a backup solution for my customers between Veeam and Ninja.

I haven’t reviewed what Ninja is proposing yet (still gotta get in touch with my contact there) but I know I will need to backup Windows Workstations and Servers, Linux Servers, Synology NAS and MS365 tenants. If they can provide all of this, then the pricing and ease of use will be major factors in the decision against Veeam :relaxed:

My pleasure.
Ninja has been working very well since their last update and I’m quite happy. Veeam has an attractive package and an attractive price. I’ll keep them on my list of alternatives. For the Synology NAS’s I use Synology’s C2. Synology’s C2 Backup is incredibly inexpensive and If they had a central dashboard I would switch everything to them in a heartbeat.
Ninja doesn’t backup MS365, unless I’m mistaken. I know Synology can do that.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I am actually using Synology to backup one of my customers’ MS365 (With the App "Active Backup for MS365) and it’s working great so far ! There have been some issues in the very beginning (not everything could be backed up) but their Internet connection isn’t that great, so I thought it could come from it.

I have never looked at C2 also for the missing dashboard part ! Let’s hope they’re gonna do something about it sooner than later :slight_smile:

I will dive into the Veeam products and see what they can offer, one major thing would be to be able to add new licenses as easily as possible, withtout having to get in contact with a sales person each time.

C2 actually does have a dashboard. But only backs up to cloud and not local. So not a total package.
I’ve actually thought of selling clients a synology backup nas for the local and have that local backup pushed up to the C2 cloud. But, there’s no dashboard for that. So there in lies the problem.
Let me know how Veeam works out for you. I met with them last week. It does look good. But they recommend loading their program on a dedicated computer to be placed at each clients location, ugh.
And then you host the dashboard on your own server at your office.

Oh… I thought Veeam was completely cloud-served… That’s gonna be a deal breaker, unfortunately !

I’ll check with them directly, but if local hardware is needed, I’m gonna have to find something else !

Based on our zoom call, you can do “agent only” installs. But they recommend installing a dedication machine at each site. I have no idea what the performance/feature difference it makes.