Ninja RMM - recent patching failures - anyone else seeing this?

I’m about 6 month sinto using NinjaRMM & very happy with it . I found them through one of the excellent videos published on YT - thank you!!

Recently (in the past 30 days) the patching tools Ninja uses - think it s 3rd party product called “Ivanti”… not Ninja themselves - have been failing ,… a lot. These are false failures and a bit fiddly to fix…

I’ve only added 40 PCs so far,… but about 50% are showing red errors now.

There are posts on the matter on the official Ninja forums,… but I think you have to have an account to read them… Its a bit frustrating ATM because there has been no direct response from (any!) Ninja employee on thier own forums…

Anyway, my hope in posting the issue here was to establish if anyone else is affected and what they ar e doing to fix/mitigate/ignore… also, just widen the discussion in forums where I know a lot of people use Ninja.


I messaged my team this post and they are not seeing any issuer with NinjaOne and patching right now.

Ahh, OK - many thanks for your experience/perspective!

FWIW these are MS Office errors - specifically 2305,2306, 2307 (I believe thats Ivanti numeration) - versions 2016 -2021 & 365. The thread title on Ninja’s forums is - " Office 365 Recommended update won’t install"

A typical error reads:
“Microsoft Office 365 Current Channel Version 2306 (16.0.16529.20154) for Windows (See Notes)
Install attempt: 13/07/2023 20:13
Last Thursday at 20:13”

I rate Ninja very highly btw, its a great tool - hence my desire to want to understand/manage it.
I will continue to check internally then. Thanks!

FWIW, this is the issue I mentioned:

At least it is (finally) being addressed,… I hope.

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Just a festive update…
The patching issue with Ninja is seriously bad…worse now than ever.
Its been months - the topic on this has 20x more posts than any other topic.
Ninja has not responded once on their own community forum.
I prepared a tactical quacamole with mesh to celebrate.