Nextiva Falling Short

I have been a reseller of Nextiva services for quite some time now but as they grow I am finding their customer service level dropping. I am not quite sure if it’s pandemic related as I am finding their offshore, outsourced, techsupport a little more frequent than a year ago. I have also resold Voipo to my customers and because they are based in Southern California I found their service to be quite refreshing. Who do you guys like to use for your clients? Nextiva certainly has all the bells and whistles for less.

I host my own VoIP solution called FusionPBX. I run this on a VPS. Dirt cheap to run, and works SO well!! Had a bit of a nightmare setting it up properly but now it’s done I’ve not had to make any other config changes, and updates are incredibly easy!

If you are familiar with Asterisk, check out VitalPBX. They have a free as well as paid version with tons of cool features.
They also offer a multi tenant solution.