Nextiva Falling Short

I have been a reseller of Nextiva services for quite some time now but as they grow I am finding their customer service level dropping. I am not quite sure if it’s pandemic related as I am finding their offshore, outsourced, techsupport a little more frequent than a year ago. I have also resold Voipo to my customers and because they are based in Southern California I found their service to be quite refreshing. Who do you guys like to use for your clients? Nextiva certainly has all the bells and whistles for less.

I host my own VoIP solution called FusionPBX. I run this on a VPS. Dirt cheap to run, and works SO well!! Had a bit of a nightmare setting it up properly but now it’s done I’ve not had to make any other config changes, and updates are incredibly easy!

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If you are familiar with Asterisk, check out VitalPBX. They have a free as well as paid version with tons of cool features.
They also offer a multi tenant solution.

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I am researching and trying this … THX!

Np! It has a lot more features available than FreePBX… FusionPBX is truly free. I use Grandstream VoIP phones with our FusionPBX tenant. It’s also multi-domain tenant, so you can host multiple customers from a single installation of the PBX! I’m really happy with it. Feel free to message me if you want to ask any questions :slight_smile:

I had an installation of FusionPBX installed on a VM and everything went smoothly except the configuration of my Grandstream HT802 and Polycom VW500 phone. AJ I have a few questions regarding the FusionPBX setup if you would be will to discuss?