NextCloud - Too Many Redirects

Hello all,

New here on LS, place looks great :slight_smile: I found this place from some of the YouTube Videos I have used in the past.

I am here as I need some help with my NextCloud app (TrueCharts branch). I am currently running TrueNas Scale Anglefish (Upgrading to Bluefin soon). I have my NextCloud setup with ingress to my appointed domain. I am using Traefik for the reverse proxy and is set to listen on ports 80/443 (Truenas GUI is set to use alternative ports)

I can connect to my Nextcloud Locally through the domain and it is parsing SSL correctly and all is working well. However if I try to access my NextCloud via my domain on an external network, I am hit with the “Too many redirects” error. I was able to connect a couple of times before externally, initially, but now being hit with this problem and it is now persistent.

Does anyone know the best method to resolve this ? I have read that I could be stuck in a re-direct loop.

Regarding my network setup, it is as follows:

ISP Router => PfSense => Local Network

I am confident everything is setup correctly as traffic is being forwarded correctly to my TrueNas so far as the rest of my apps and SSL connections. Other than setting up the port forwards from my ISP router to PfSense. The only other things I had to alter so I could access Nextcloud was a host override in PfSense as below.

Worth noting that the IP address is the NodeIP for my apps on TrueNas. The Nextcloud app’s access IP is also configured to the same IP.

Any help would be much appreciated. If more information is needed, please do ask :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums and hope someone here can help because I don’t use NextCloud with TrueNAS as I think they need to rework their setup to make it more manageable. I have discussed before that their deployment does not properly backup all the configuration data making it really challenging to restore the database if there is a failure,

Thanks. Fingers crossed, there is help out there on this topic which I have tried to follow but a lot of their references are related to TrueNas Core, so when t comes to locating config files they relate to, it is not quite the same for Scale. So I have been trying to get direct assistance on this. Fingers crossed I can fine some.

Everything works…just this redirect loop I seem to be stuck in.

Ok, so I seemed to have possibly solved this. It seems that if you have your DNS covered by a proxy…it causes this error to flag up. I am using Cloudflare and I had proxy enabled on the DNS record.

Ideally I would have liked the DNS to be proxied, but this seems to be a quick fix.

Saying that however, is there a way to allow the DNS to remain on a proxy by altering the Nextcloud or Traefik configuration ?

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