Nextcloud on Truenas: Resolving dataset issue

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with Nextcloud after upgrading my TrueNAS Scale instance to Dragonfish. My Nextcloud deployment consistently gets stuck in “Deploying” mode.


Prior to the upgrade, my previous Nextcloud instance (running for 1-2 years) functioned flawlessly using host paths as recommended in a video by Tom (details of the video unavailable).

To troubleshoot, I created a new Nextcloud instance (“nextcloud-2”) replicating the original configuration with the same host paths. However, nextcloud-2 also gets stuck in “Deploying.”

I was able to get a Nextcloud instance to run, but it was by setting all storage to iXVolumes, and I’m wanting to connect to the volume where I already have all of my user data.

Suspected Issue:

I suspect the problem might be related to using the same host path (“Nextcloud-Data”) for both AppData and User Data storage.


  1. Could this shared host path be causing the deployment issue?
  2. If this is the issue, is there a recommended way to extract or copy the existing user data into a new dataset for a fresh Nextcloud installation?

Thank you in advance!

I’m pretty sure you have to create a dataset for each volume you need to mount in your container. Cannot be the same dataset for all volume mounts.


Photos = /mnt/tank/app/nc/data

Postgres data = /mnt/tank/app/nc/postgredata

And so on.