Nextcloud on pfSense and HAProxy and ACME

I have set up everything as stated in your video regarding pfSense, HAProxy and ACME video. Through a computer, things work great. Except for accessing sites though an app on the phone. I also use Jellyfin. So if i navigate to through a browser externally or internally, it works just like But on my Jellyfin or Nextcloud app, they won’t work. I can use my phones browser to go to those sites, just not the app. My first thought was that maybe the apps use a different port, but when I was searching for that through Google, I cannot find anything indicating that it uses a different port. Please let me know if you need more information as I am sure there will be, I just need to know what first. Thanks!

I have never used either of those as an APP on my phone so not sure what they do different.

@LTS_Tom Thanks for the input.